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What is Dribbble and
how to get a dribbble invite?

how to get a dribbble invite

For those who are not familiar with this, I would like to inform you that Dribbble is a community for the web, graphic, logo, typography, icon and many other designers and creative professionals. This is not only a platform to get noticed and share your work but it also gives an opportunity to see, learn and practice with talented and creative web designers from all across the globe.

This show and tell platform is a global social network for designers. It works on a simple principle similar to Twitter but instead of text messages of up to 140 characters, Dribbble users upload pictures of their work in 400x300 pixels dimension. It has gained a tremendous popularity in a very short span of time and the only way to get here is through dribbble invite.

Dribbble invite is the only way to get there and there are not so many invitations, which is heating up the whole situation. This invite system is exactly the reason which has been maintaining the quality and significance of Dribbble among the designers. You need to get an invite from a person already on registered on Dribbble. Usually, designers get 1-3 dribbble invite giveaways every 3-6 months.

However, with a number of designers already on dribbble, it's not that much hard to find an invitation. The first thing you need to do is type Dribbble invites in the search bar and select recent shots. The invitation is not limited to only Dribbble but you can search for it on big social networks too. A lot of designers and creative professionals showcase their work on Twitter, Instagram and other such social networks which make it worth trying.

Now, you would be thinking of how to persuade a designer to choose you to give a dribbble invite. A lot of prospects take part and try hard to get an invitation and it's impossible to reduce their number. But, you can surely make yourself stand out by following some do's and don'ts.


  • Always share your best work and designs. If you have worked on a number of projects and send a link to 10-15 shots which are ordinary then you will not be chosen. With hundreds of mails per play, designers only look for some eye-catching, neat, clean and creative designs. So, ensure to send the best of your designs and work.
  • Write a few lines of who you are and what you do or why you choose to design. Just introduce yourself to start a conversation rather than writing about how desperately you want to get an invite.
  • There's no need to send several mails and ping the designer to remember you. Be a little patient and wait for the reply. If you get a feedback within two days you can wait till the end.


  • Never write to a designer that you have been following him for days and like his all creations, and other such stuff. Flattering is never a key to get invited. If he/she likes your work and designs he will simply give away the invite to you without much effort.
  • Always send an organized work. It's convenient when all your designs and stuffs are at one place.
  • The last but not the least, never send angry mails, just be over it and keep on trying.

More ways to get dribbble invite

There are some websites i.e Draft.im, DribbbleInvite.co and Cribbble.com which help designers to get dribbble invite. Designer can show creativity by submitting their own best work.

Lastly, that's the entire key to get drafted on Dribbble. Good luck and hope to see you there! If you like my blog please follow me on Dribbble.


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