Social Media One of the Most Powerful SEO Weapons

Rajinder Singh   |   16/02/2019
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Social world has a very large and valuable role in most of the digital marketing efforts and it also has an immense power to drive traffic. Whether your business is small or large, social media is the best way to incorporate a significant growth to it. Many businessmen ignore social media marketing for a variety of reasons however not recognizing the potentials of social media marketing can be a fatal mistake for growing businesses. SEO and social media go hand in hand and social signals have many real impacts on SEO efforts.

Google always searches for new ways to provide people the most accurate and relevant search results possible. Social media is the best real time platform as it tells us everything about what people are talking about, what's popular, who these people are, and many more information. It has powers to drive both traffics i.e. organic as well as paid channels traffic.

Some important impacts of social media

Increases Traffic: Traffic is the most basic and important place to know the impacts of social signals on SEO efforts. Social signals let Google know that your site is being talked about, is popular and useful. The real value comes into play when social signals such as likes, tweets, etc. turn into social shares and then this social shares becomes a huge win for SEO efforts.

Social link building: Social links have an inherent authority if they stem out from trusted and reliable social media platforms. They can be used to drive traffic and improve online presence or visibility. So, to take full advantage of this, make sure your landing pages are fully optimized to catch, and track, any traffic coming from social channels. Today links are achieved via developing original content that is shared on several social media platforms. The links to content on Facebook, Twitter, etc help the search engines to understand which websites are credible and trusted.

Boost authority: If you are a credible source, Google will rank your blog posts and website higher. Google considers the social media influence in determining your credibility. The social signals too have some impact on a site's domain authority.

Increased ranking of the domain: More the content is shared about your website across social media, the more ranking your website receives across different search engines. Every piece and part of the content shared socially increases the authority of domain, drives traffic and credibility for long term success.

SEO has become more human friendly: SEO isn't much technical anymore. Google now looks more at the kind of content that you share with people instead of the number of keywords you can use in your blog post or website. Today how you use your keywords to answer people's question is much more beneficial and effective. So if you are utilizing the powers of social media, then it's good and if you have still not recognized the potentials of social media then try and experience it.


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