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Rajinder Singh   |   16/02/2019
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The need of social media presence has drastically increased from the day Google confirmed social signs are used to determine search engine rankings. Today there is a need to radiate strong social signals for various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc in order to feature you higher on search engine result pages and rankings. The strong social signals help to achieve higher search engine rankings, increases traffic, stronger engagements, etc. The social signals also demonstrate brand power, credibility and authority. Now, the question arises how to obtain and emit strong social signals?

An engaging or dynamic content can help you achieve almost every objective of your marketing functions. By creating content that Google loves, you can get recognized as the best business. Google constantly revises its algorithm to rank websites based on the content type. So, to improve and see a growth in your business, make sure your content meets the quality guidelines.

Know your audience: The most basic or fundamental part which decides the efficiency of content is the audience. Always tailor the content specifically for your target audience. Having a detailed demographic data about your target audience can help you set the right tone and language for communicating efficiently with them. So, first of all recognize your audience and tailor a content keeping them in mind.

Right type and time: The right type and time matters the most in creating engagement for you. Infographics nowadays are the most engaging and shareable form of content across all social media platforms. These are more likely to be read than pure text based content. Along with this, ensure your posting schedule is in match with the right time to make a social media post. Also, leverage the potentials of hashtags on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Be Consistent: Consistency in posting on social media platforms helps you make your brand more and more familiar. Delivering rich quality, engaging, focused and informative content regularly makes your brand more credible and popular.

Along with the above points, to know the value and efficiency of your content or blog post, simply ask yourself three questions:

  • What is the purpose of my blog?
  • Am I writing for my target audience or not?
  • Am I representing my brand with best of my caliber?

Knowing the purpose of blog makes it more specific and concise and lets you deliver the thought process easily and effectively. Your blog should represent your brand as clearly as possible and should target the specific audience to have a remarkable growth in the business. Make sure that customers know what they will get when they approach your business.

So, creating great content to dominate search engine pages and rank high isn't easy but it is incredibly effective and worth doing. Thinking and focusing on each and every part of your content as an investment will definitely keep you ahead of your competitors.


Rajinder Singh

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